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Why is corporate wellbeing necessary?

It has been widely studied and reported that happy and healthy employees are both productive and motivated. If you look at companies who pride themselves on the way they support and give back to their employees, you will see a sharp increase in staff retention and overall health.

In business numbers often rule the way we approach things, so if we take the average cost of replacing just one staff member, is a staggering £30,615! *

We believe that by looking at the following 4 pillars of health you can immediately improve your employees experience and mind set towards working life.

1. Mental

2. Physical

3. Social

4. Financial

One of the quickest ways to improve all 4 pillars is through diet. Most people understand that if you improve the way you eat you will see improvements in both your physical and mental health. Articles about how to improve sleep, digestion, energy levels, depression and anxiety will usually site diet as the first place to start.

When we create a meal for those around us, whether its colleagues, family members or friends, we feel good. We feel even better as a human species when we sit together and enjoy that meal. It is one of the MOST important ways that humans socialise. What’s great about current technology and one of the perks of the pandemic is that we can now also do this virtually. Of course, there is no true replication of the real deal, but online cookery classes are a great option to bring your team together and an engaging way to learn a new skill from the comfort of your own home.

If finance is your motivating pillar, learning to cook from scratch quickly whilst having an understanding of how to source good/affordable ingredients is crucial. Finance should also be a motivating health factor for employers and your HR department, as when pillars 1,2,3 are positively impacted, performance and staff retention undoubtably improve.

Why not check out our corporate cookery experiences in East Lothian and Edinburgh.

To find out about our virtual cookery experiences for remote teams please visit.

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